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Leighton Properties appoints Block

February 16, 2012

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Leighton Properties has appointed Block as its branding, public relations and creative agency in Western Australia. The company is one of Australia’s leading property developers with a development pipeline of over $5 billion.

Block is now working with Leighton Properties to promote Kings Square, one of the largest urban renewal projects currently underway in Australia.

“Block is creating a marketing strategy for Kings Square that redefines the way business is conducted in Perth. We are positioning Kings Square as a hub for younger employees who demand more flexible, campus-style work environments,” says Mark Braddock, Creative Director at Block.

“Strategically, our campaign will target a contemporary-age workforce that works, plays and rests very differently to other generational counterparts,” says Braddock.

Carolyn Hall, Business Strategy Director at Block, says: “This represents a major opportunity for Block. Over the past seven years we have honed our expertise in the property branding sector, and continue to attract clients that are redefining Perth as we know it.”

Block’s property clients have included boutique developers Match, MRA (formerly the East Perth Redevelopment Authority), and Encorp Development, a subsidiary of Encorp Berhad Malaysia.

Kings Square is part of the West Australian government’s $3 billion Perth City Link redevelopment.

The site is being developed in partnership with Seven Group Holdings and transforms the iconic Perth Entertainment Centre, which has been associated with Seven Network since its construction in 1974, into a vibrant 2.5 hectare commercial and retail redevelopment.

Block is now devising an integrated marketing campaign to promote Stage 1 of Kings Square, the King’s Link building, an 11-storey commercial building.

Michael Barr, senior development manager at Leighton, describes the King’s Link building as a “game changer” for the corporate world in Perth’s CBD.

“Block understands the value of branding within the property space and the complexity of appealing to different tenants, which made it the obvious choice as our Perth agency,” says Barr.