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Maegan Brown


Maegan grew up in a creative family who enrolled her into a Montessori primary school where she first discovered her talent for art and finger painting, and her hatred for numbers and maths.

Maegan is at the beginning of her working journey; she is a keen creative excited to enter the real world. She recently completed her design degree with flying colours and was awarded 2011 Curtin University School of Design Graduate of the Year. Maegan was included on the Vice Chancellor’s List (for the top 1% of students at the university) “about five times” (Apparently this is completely untrue). She has the distinction of receiving 100% for one of her final year projects, something that no one can recall happening previously.

During her last year of study Maegan freelanced and gained work experience with various creative agencies around Perth, including Block.

When not Pintresting every image she finds on the web, Maegan likes to dance about her emotions – did we mention she went to Montessori?

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