Case Studies / 2009 Pink Diamond Tender

Pink diamonds are the rarest of the rare. The Argyle diamond mine in WA’s North produces 90% of the world’s production of pink diamonds. Pink diamonds represent only 0.1% of the mine’s output. Each year, fewer than 50 signature pink diamonds are released by Argyle Pink Diamonds, via an exclusive global tender. Only 300 diamond dealers from around the world are invited to attend showings of the diamonds and bid, in a blind-bidding process, on the stones.

In 2008, Block was commissioned to develop, design and produce a high-end catalogue, in the style of a hard-cover coffee table book, showcasing the 2009 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. Represented in 2009’s release were an unusually high number of heart-cut stones including the 2.61ct Argyle Amour, the largest heart-shaped pink ever produced by Argyle. These heart-shaped diamonds were the inspiration for the tender’s theme – L’Amore Perenne (Everlasting or Perennial Love).

The challenge here was to create a tender document that built on the concept of love without descending into the schmaltzy territory that this well-trodden theme could take. On top of this, the brief was to create a document of the highest quality but with a budget significantly lower than those of previous years’ tenders.

In addition to the rarity of the heart-cut collection, 2009 represented the anniversary of the 25th Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. To commemorate this milestone, and to document the history of the mine that has a remaining lifespan of less than ten years, a book entitled Beyond Rare was produced.

Beyond Rare and the tender catalogue were presented as a boxed set that was sent to the 300 dealers as their invitation to participate in the tender.