Case Studies / Challenger Institute

Challenger Institute of Technology provides a huge variety of careers, courses and subjects for around 25,000 full-time and part-time students on the southern coastline of Perth.

In late 2010, Block was commissioned by Challenger Institute of Technology to undertake a brand review and brand identity development.

The challenge for Block was to:

  • Develop unique brand values, personality and a brand architecture that support and reinforce the future business direction of the Challenger brand
  • Refresh and reposition the Challenger brand at a corporate level as well as the individual Industry Training Centres (ITC’s), research and various course offerings
  • Provide tools to facilitate consistent delivery of the Challenger brand across every point of contact
  • Build a strong, professional education brand that competes at a local, national and international level well into the future

Block begun with a problem-solving exercise to identify and understand Challenger’s primary issues, personality, objectives, target markets, areas of specialisation, competitors and key differentiators. In order to achieve this, Block undertook a brand review, which included both a review of the competitive space and positioning, as well as a series of workshops with the Executive body, Training Services Directors and Program Managers.

A brand hierarchy model was then developed to allow for the Challenger and sub-brands of the Industry Training Centres to be aligned.  In this case, a monolithic master brand, shared brands and endorsed brands were created.

Using Block’s unique brand positioning framework this comprehensive project included a strategic review, visioning workshops across the Institute’s Executive, Training Service Directors and Program Managers to comprehensively articulate the current and desired brand values, personality and vision. From here Block designed the brand architecture, communication components and ongoing analytics to take Challenger into the future. Strategies included name alignment across all aspects of the service provision, a new brand identity, concepts and visuals.

Block completed a Brand BluePrint (style guide) for Challenger, which addressed the branding elements for each individual school, ensuring they are respectful to the overall corporate brand.  In addition, various examples of cover spreads of different brochures were included to show how the suite of marketing collateral works together.

Block also worked on the suite of corporate stationery, including letterheads, business cards, with compliments slips and signage.  After the brand identity and BluePrint were created, Block was in charge with creating a corporate brochure which described Challenger’s vision and values, as well as provided information about each of the different school offerings. The corporate brochure shows a fresh approach to education and appeals to local, national and international audiences.

This project has seen the integration of what was an non-cohesive and cluttered brand story to a more compact, clearly targeted, sharper and more united brand.  This has ensured a consistency in tone yet the flexibility to communicate to a wide variety of target audiences.