Case Studies / MRA


Perth, Western Australia, is a city undergoing a massive transformation. The unprecedented growth of the city and state is being fueled by a booming economy based on the state’s abundant natural resources. With major urban renewal and infrastructure projects taking place across the greater-metropolitan area, it was decided in 2011 that there should an integrated body to co-ordinate and deliver these projects.

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) was formed to amalgamate the East Perth, Midland, Subiaco and Armadale Redevelopment Authorities. The intent of the new Authority is to allow for streamlining of existing systems and a simplified approach by centralising all administration functions for major redevelopment project across Perth.

Block was asked to review the overall branding for the newly formed Authority.

EPRA (previously branded by Block), alongside the Subiaco Redevelopment Authority had previously invested significantly over the last 6 years in building a strong, unified and translatable brand that continued to gain reputational value and traction across the Perth metropolitan area. This brand strategy work included detailed positioning, architecture review and creation, brand identity and the development of a wide range of supporting communication materials.

Therefore, Block went about utilising the reputation and efficiencies created in the existing brand architecture to, where possible, replicate existing systems and practices while realigning them to the amalgamated authority and its overall strategic goals.

Block worked with MRA over the period of transition to deliver an identity that was not compromised. Under the new guidelines new assets could be created almost instantly, significantly reducing MRA’s costs in managing the identity schemes for their projects.

The new MRA brand identity reflects the professionalism of the combined Authorities’ while remaining approachable and fresh. This future-focus, combined with a strong respect for heritage and community, is at the heart of MRA’s brand personality and forms the basis for this brand identity.  The new identity was documented in a detailed Brand BluePrint. The templating of internal documents and signage has resulted in MRA presenting a consistent image to all stakeholders, as well as a far more streamlined approach internally.

A more clear and consistent corporate image has been established, creating an ability to easily extend the MRA brand into online environments and deliver quality, on-brand publications.

This project involved a strategic review and brand audit, which fed into a complete re-brand that involved setting guidelines for project sub-brands and document and signage templates.