Case Studies / MYO Sandwiches

Established in 1994, MYO is a unique self-service lunch system, which invites patrons to ‘Make Your Own’ sandwiches, salads and pizzas using a selection of over 65 ingredients. With branches in Australia, Europe and Canada, MYO is looking to expand its franchise in the future.

While MYO’s core concept is ingeniously simple, it was felt that the brand wasn’t delivering on its potential.  With an aggressive expansion plan in place, MYO’s new management brought in Block to revitalise the brand. Customer research suggested that the MYO in-store experience was undermining the MYO brand, alienating potential customers and did not reflect their core offering of ‘choice delivered with freshness’.

Block took the customer’s unique point-of-view and sought to deliver a fresh experience at every point of contact with the MYO brand. Specifically, the store redesign was the foundation upon which everything else was built.

A concept store was developed to portray a sense of convenience, simplicity and efficiency in everything from the signage and operational systems through to the uniforms. The new in-store experience reflected and supported MYO’s brand and encouraged people to “trial and return” to enjoy the product.

Block developed a Brand BluePrint (style guide) to showcase the brand identity created based on the ideas of freshness, clarity and choice.  The style guide ensured a consistency of approach and presentation in the retail environment, which is fundamental to the future growth of MYO.  As a franchise, the MYO experience needs to be the same across all outlets, no matter the size or location.

Block has been responsible for the design of various retail communications for MYO’s national advertising campaign.

The concept store was a great way to model what the new MYO brand might look and feel like to existing and potential franchisees to ensure they were supportive of and excited by the rebranding process.

Block completely overhauled the brand experience of MYO and built a niche brand on the pillars of choice and freshness.