Case Studies / Perth Festival

Founded in 1953, the Perth International Arts Festival (PIAF) is the oldest arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere. It attracts well in excess of 300,000 people over three weeks in February each year. The public face of the organisation is the annual festival, but underpinning this is a full-time team of people dedicated to bringing the world’s most interesting arts projects to Perth.

Block and PIAF worked closely together over the course of four annual festivals. Block was first approached to help with some urgent design requirements for the 2006 event. By 2007 the relationship had evolved significantly and was further cemented when the Festival consolidated its entire creative account at Block for the 2008 Festival.

Block worked with the Festival on a complete re-brand of the organisation and developed a simple, yet sophisticated system that allowed the organisation’s identity to sit comfortably against the annual ‘experiential’ brands. The modular nature of the system allowed great flexibility in managing the many complicated needs of a large, not-for-profit arts organisation.

Working closely with the Festival’s marketing team, Block also developed and documented brand identities and supporting campaigns for the 2007 – 2009 Festivals.  This took the form of TV, radio, posters, website, brochures and launch material.

Block worked to deliver solutions that were true to the strategic and artistic intent of the organisation and its annual event. We created and managed systems that allowed for communications to be delivered efficiently.  This resulted in a large increase in output without increasing the resources required.  This was particularly important for an often resource-constrained arts organisation.

During Block’s involvement, the Festival enjoyed significant efficiencies through developing and constantly refining the systems and processes. The creation of a graphics and information architecture enabled greater flexibility, shorter turnaround times and improved sharing and approvals across a complex maze of stakeholder groups.

In 2007 we became a major sponsor – a reflection of our respect of and commitment to the Festival and its important role within Western Australia.

Block’s marketing campaign for the 2009 Perth International Arts Festival contributed to record attendance and box office sales. The Festival took over $4.3 million at box office, up 7% on 2008 with paid attendance on target at around 187,000.

In addition the development of templating reduced internal time spent on designing press ads by 50% and client time spent on brochure artworking and production was reduced by 50%.  A coherent and integrated brand message across all media and materials was developed.