Case Studies / Rottnest General Store

Rottnest Island is located 18km off the cost of Perth, Western Australia. It is a popular holiday destination for locals and tourists taking the 30-minute trip by ferry to the island. Rottnest Island is administered by a government authority, the Rottnest Island Board. The Rottnest General Store, and its sister store in the settlement of Geordie Bay, are the only major retail outlets on the island.

In 2009, the proprietors of the store were required to re-tender to secure a further ten-year lease. Block worked closely with the proprietor and their architects to develop a tender document that outlined the vision for the retail outlets over the next decade. After an exhaustive governmental review process the tender was successful.

Up0n the success of the tender, Block were commissioned to work alongside the architects to bring the vision to life. Beyond the structural refurbishment, the Rottnest General Store needed to be rebranded in a style that is uniquely Rottnest, whilst acknowledging and respecting the heritage of the island.

From setting the project’s strategy, Block was charged with delivering a comprehensive solution that included everything from a new brand identity system to signage and the creation of digital assets.

The brand identity needed to unify and reflect the personalities of both the Rottnest General and Geordie Bay Stores, whilst extending to subtly differentiate these two retail spaces.

A key objective of the rebrand was to drive traffic to the online shop, enabling visitors to purchase their groceries and liquor needs for the duration of the stay before they left the mainland. In partnership with web developers Doghouse Media, Block undertook digital design and development. A simple content management system was also provided to allow staff to make recommendations for cross-promotional selling opportunities within site.

The Rottnest General Store and Geordie Bay General Store rebrand has been well-received by locals and tourists travelling to the island. In addition, the online shopping mechanism offers a convenient way to fulfill people’s food and beverage needs for their stay on the island.

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