Case Studies / Squooshi


With disposable pouches of pre-made baby food contributing to hundreds of thousands of tonnes of landfill each year, Shannon – a health-conscious New York mum and designer – wanted to create a product that would be enjoyable for kids to use whilst being reusable and helping the environment. With the product design still being tested, Block were commissioned to create a name for it and then an identity and packaging design that would appeal to both children and their parents.


With such a fun product for kids to use, plus the need for a name to instantly and appealingly convey the product’s usage and benefits, Block whittled down a list of naming options to all but one: Squooshi. The name was cute, clearly aligned to children and opened the pathway for some fun imagery. Alongside this, Block worked on creating an identity, and subsequently a design that would cover almost the entirety of the packaging (which would also help parents conceal healthy homemade purees and smoothies inside). Two series of cute and endearing characters were created to fit around the packaging, with two subtle age groups targeted with each one. To support the fun and engaging nature of the packaging design, healthy fruit and vegetable icons were created along with colourful message banners and simplified diagrams to explain how to use and clean a Squooshi.


Block created a packaging design and identity that resonated with children and parents alike. As opposed to glossy and slick pre-packaged imagery for children’s treats, Squooshi became an obvious healthy alternative. The identity application won Gold at the 2012 Perth Advertising and Design Club Awards.