Case Studies / State Theatre Centre

Located on the corner of Roe and William Streets in Northbridge, Western Australia’s new performing arts venue is the city’s first performance space in more than 30 years. The new centre provides a functional and inspiring venue for performers and audiences, and is a defining architectural landmark for the city.

To create a brand identity that could work with the beautiful spaces and not compete with it.

Block developed a brand identity that celebrates the iconic architecture of the State Theatre Centre. The identity draws on the theme of light that is not only an integral element in the Centre’s design, but in theatre as an art form.

We sought to create an identity for the Centre that befits the quality of the architecture and performances. We also wanted to replicate the tone of great performing arts centres, such as The Kennedy Centre and The Lincoln Centre, creating an identity that is ‘monumental in intent’.

The brand identity development project involved multiple stakeholders, each with their own decisive opinion.  These audiences included the Department of Culture and the Arts, Perth Theatre Trust, architects and the general public. Political relationships and sensitivities had to be taken into consideration in working on this project.

The resulting brand will become a symbol of recognition for The Centre and will be applied to all material that is used to promote the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia.