Case Studies / The Match Group

Match is a boutique developer specialising in design-focused residential and commercial projects. Match creates buildings that are sensitive to both the heritage and urban environments and are contemporary statements in functionality and style.

Match engaged Block in 2005 to develop an integrated brand system to enable the company to consistently express its ‘corporate’ brand across all developments, while allowing each project to develop its own voice and personality. The aim was to develop a model whereby each individual project contributed to the Match brand and in turn, individual projects benefited from their status as a ‘Match’ development.

The Match Brand Strategy incorporates a system that combines a naming and publications strategy with a more traditional corporate identity. The developed solution allows Match to have ‘ownership’ of individual projects while giving enough room to create a look and voice that is appropriate for its style and audience. The Brand BluePrint was successfully executed across twelve projects (Dime, Home, Johnson & James, Lime, Prime, Vlamingh, Maymont, The Metropolitan, Mix, The Summer, Ottimo and Move).

For six years, Match and Block worked together to ensure the consistent and effective execution of the Match brand. Through the development of systems and processes, Block was able to reduce the burden on Match’s marketing department for both corporate and project marketing, acting as Match’s external marketing department. Match entrusted Block with the development of all project marketing; and we advise on and execute everything from corporate communications, media campaigns (including media placement), web and online communications, partnerships, product development and brand extensions. We also facilitated the development of Match’s annual Marketing Plan.

As a result of Block’s work with Match, they have become widely recognised as a boutique property developer with a distinct and highly reputable identity. Match is a highly integrated and coherent brand.