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  • No one is an island

    Each member of our team a vital part of pulling together world-class projects that can inspire and engage.

  • WA Business News

    “Block [is] part of a small but ground-breaking group of WA companies that are … promoting Perth’s creativity on a world stage.”

  • We Believe

    Great work happens when a great idea is brilliantly executed.

  • Insite Magazine

    “Block is respected as one of the driving forces in Perth’s creative industries.”

  • We Believe

    The future will be bright for those that stay nimble and view the world as a series of niches rather than the old mass-media world that it was.


    “Block is something utterly unique in the jaded world of marketing, a haven for craft, creativity and communications smarts.”

  • We Believe

    Great work comes from collaboration – collaboration within our studio and collaboration with our clients.

  • We Believe

    There should be no separation between departments and there should be no ‘B’ teams.

What we say


Transforming Perth's streets

April 14, 2014

Block has collaborated with Form, Western Australia’s premier independent arts organisation, to help promote the inaugural street…


Block unveils the Anzac Star

March 11, 2014

  Block has just revealed a commemorative symbol commissioned by the Western Australian Department of the Premier…


Feral named Best of 2013

January 2, 2014

Brand New, arguably the world’s most widely read design-review site, ranks Block amongst best of 2013.

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RT @CynicalM: Block blog: PUBLIC by Form #blockbrand

7 days ago


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