Case Studies / Aroma Café


Aroma Café first opened its doors in Perth on Hay Street in 1996. Since then, the family-owned business has spread its wings across over 50 stores nationwide, serving coffee and café selections in each of its franchised stores.


Having established itself as a collection of cafés throughout the Perth hospitality scene for over a decade, Aroma’s store interiors and packaging were in need of a fresh change.

With the brand looking to continued growth – particularly into education sites (colleges and universities) – Block was brought on to look at adding depth and texture to the stores and to further communicate Aroma’s brand personality through its interiors.


Block’s first priority was to highlight the authentic nature of the Aroma business, while keeping the focus on professional service and quality offerings. It was felt that the interiors needed to encapsulate the updated Aroma brand look that Block had already developed.

The intent was to develop and design three specific store plans and guides for three different fit-out types (stand-alone cafe, food court cafe and TAFE/university cafe).

The resultant design meant that stores were planned around a high central communal table, adjacent to a red water station. Block created areas for Aroma Café branded products to be displayed for sale while becoming decorative elements. The finishes, materials and furniture chosen were simple, natural, hardwearing and able to be easily replicated as stores continue to be built throughout Australia.


While not attempting to recreate the atmosphere of an independent coffee store, Block created a space that was welcoming and encouraged people to spend time in. Subsequent packaging designs brought the whole Aroma brand in to line, with a more sophisticated aesthetic for the overall consumer experience.